Struggling with some of the conveyancing terminology? This page will help.

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Why choose Deed & Divide?

Driven, decisive and dependable…that’s Deed & Divide.

The first step in exceeding your expectations is to know those expectations. Deed & Divide prides itself on listening to your needs and wants. We will work with you to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved all the while providing you with a high level of service and of course being readily available to answer all of your questions.

16 years in the industry has given us a vast and varied insight into all things Conveyancing. We are confident that our broad range of knowledge will benefit you.

We also understand the importance of keeping up to date and current in this fast pace industry. We engage in regular professional development programs and industry events. Maintaining knowledge and up to date practises are fundamental in ensuring we provide you with the best service possible.

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What does my Conveyancer do for me?

As your Conveyancer, we will: –

  • Protect your interests;
  • Be your advocate;
  • Keep you informed at every step; and
  • Ensure you can exercise your rights and meet your responsibilities

We simplify the complex so you understand the process in full.


When should I talk to a Conveyancer?

The earlier the better! You don’t need to wait until you are ready to sign a contract. It makes sense to select your Conveyancer as soon as you decide to buy or sell and never sign anything before seeking your Conveyancer’s advice. It is always better to be safe than sorry!


How much does a Conveyancer cost?

The cost of a conveyance depends on many factors that might be involved in the transaction.

Things like are you selling or buying, type of property, whether you are buying or selling privately or through a Real Estate Agent and interests recorded on the title (like a mortgage).

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What are the Transfer stamp duty costs when I buy a property?

Stamp duty is on a sliding scale dependant on the purchase price.

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What are the Transfer Lands Titles Office fees when I buy a property?

The Lands Titles Office fee is on a sliding scale dependant on the purchase price.

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I wish to subdivide my property. Who do I need to contact to get started?

The two people you should contact are a Surveyor and a Conveyancer. The Surveyor prepares the plan of division and submits for approval with the Development Assessment Commission. The Conveyancer prepares the Land Titles Office application and arranges consent from any Bank or other interest registered on the title and the Lands Tittles office.

However, contact Deed & Divide in the first instance as we can run through your requirements and  move forward together.


I’m selling my house privately, do I need a Conveyancer?

Yes, you need the services of a Conveyancer to prepare the contract of sale, a statutory disclosure statement (often referred to as ‘Form 1’) and the other documentation required by law for the sale to proceed.

Contact our office before you advertise your house for sale to ensure you fulfil your legal obligations.


Do Conveyancers have indemnity insurance?

Yes, as a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers we are required to be protected by professional indemnity insurance. This is to protect you, the consumer, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong.